Garden Buddha Statues

garden buddha statues

Buddha is the symbol of peace, harmony, compassion and prosperity for many people who follow the principle of Buddhism. A special personality, the Buddha is revered as one of the most special person in the world as his teachings led people to follow the path of dharma and self discovery. As he understood the true meaning and purpose of life and death, he preached and taught about the meaning and purpose of one's existence to people from many regions in Asia during his time. This is also one of the reasons for him to be known as the Light of Asia. Today, 2500 years after his death, the Buddha is still taken as one of the most revered spiritual leaders not only in Asia, but his teachings have found a way to enter the lives of thousands of people from the western part of the world. This is a reason for the representations of the Buddha in many forms to be popular all over the world today.

One of the representations of the Buddha which has garnered plenty of admiration is Buddha statues. These iconographic representations of the Buddha not only represent the Buddha in his physical appearance but also represent the principles and teachings of the Buddha. Though Buddhism does not teach about idol worshipping, the Buddha statues are revered by the followers to pay respect to the enlightened one. These statues do not only play a big role in religious and spiritual awakening of a person but also act as an object of great attraction to everyone. As the Buddha is taken as role model by many people, the statues of Buddha fulfill many purposes in one's life both indoor and outdoor. The Buddha statues which are kept indoors resonate the compassion and calmness in the surrounding. They are also considered as the symbol of prosperity. Similarly, the outdoor Buddha statues have been admired by people for their peaceful nature and the way these outdoor Buddha statues blend with the surroundings to create the ambience of peace and serenity is simply wonderful. Normally the outdoor Buddha statues are put in a garden, therefore named garden Buddha statues.

The garden Buddha statues turn any outdoor surroundings into a peaceful refuge and a haven for meditation practitioners as peace is what they require the most while practicing meditation. For these meditation enthusiasts, garden Buddha statues act as a symbol of inspiration while seeking for the true meaning of life, which is the ultimate goal of meditation. The Buddha himself attained enlightenment through meditation, so it is completely understandable that the practitioners of meditation look towards the garden Buddha statues in their gardens as their guide to enlightenment. The garden Buddha statues is also considered as the object to beautify one's garden because they are, undoubtedly, a great point of attraction to many people, Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. These garden Buddha statues are crafted using various materials as they are specifically crafted for outdoor purposes, making them referred as outdoor Buddha statues. So, we can say that the Buddha statues are perfect for decorating as well as making the garden a peaceful place. For any garden or outdoor settings, the perfect Buddha statues would be the ones who are created and sculpted using the raw materials of ceramic, marble or bronze.

Garden Buddha statues in our gallery

Garden Buddha statues are very special and are long lasting Buddha statues given that they are constructed or built with different kinds of materials which are known to withstand different kind of weather changes when they are kept outdoors. These outdoor Buddha statues are rare Buddhist artifacts as there are only few outdoor Buddha statues which are kept in personal collections or for sale, especially the ones which are antique and have their own history. You can find these outdoor and garden Buddha statues welcoming you in our Buddha garden which is located in the Netherlands. These Buddhas in our garden are legally and directly imported from the Asian countries like Burma, Thailand, Nepal, Japan, China and others. This has been possible due to our visits to the above mentioned nations, which are conducted every year in a frequent way. These frequent visits have helped us maintain a wonderful relation with many Buddhsit monasteries, Buddhist art dealers and personal collectors who are ready to part with their prized Buddha statues. Therefore, there remains almost no doubt over the authenticity of our Buddhas as most of them are antique and rare Buddha statues. Additionally, we also have variety or large Buddha statues specially crafted for Buddha garden made up of marble, along with other rare and antique statues. If you want a perfect outdoor Buddha statues for you, visit our online Buddha statues gallery to get the garden Buddha of your choice. Do not forget to take a look at our Large Buddha statues for garden and outdoor purposes from our collection to beautify your garden with the presence of Buddha statues.

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