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Beautiful buddha statue for praying
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  • Beautiful buddha statue for praying

Buddha Statues and our Gallery

We are proud to present the largest collection of authentic, rare and antique Buddha statues all the way from Burma and other Southeast Asian countries in our gallery. These beautiful pieces of art in our gallery are the evidence of the rich history of Burma and other nations. Each and every Buddha statues in our gallery has its own history and story hidden within it. Most of these statues are showcased on our gallery at Burmese art gallery.

The origins of these rare statues of Buddha lie within numerous Buddhist temples and monasteries in Burma. These Buddha statues have served their own purpose on these Buddhist institutes. Similarly, we have acquired these Buddha statues even from private collections of the people from Asian nations.

These rare Buddha statues serve various purposes. Some of them may serve as a symbol of religious and spiritual guidance, while some may serve as the gems of collectors in their private collections. Similarly, these beautiful Buddha statues may also be useful for decorative purposes for various collectors across the globe, especially if they are antique and rare. Moreover, these Buddha statues will provide a big boost for your loved ones who practice meditation as some take these statues as symbol of concentration and inspiration, making the Buddha statues the perfect gift for them.

Buddha Statues from Southeast Asia

Each year we travel to Burma and other Southeast Asian countries to search and purchase these rare and antique Buddha statues for our gallery. The Buddha statues that we have in our gallery are imported in complete legal ways and we assure you the authenticity of the statues as we purchase them from the related collectors, temples and monasteries which are ready to part from their Buddhist arts. We have no policy of dealing with stolen Buddha statues.

Thus, the frequent visits to these nations have helped us develop a very good relationship with Buddhist many monasteries and Buddhist temples including many personal collectors, helping us create a huge network of Buddhist art dealers. This relationship is the reason for us to be able to find the most special and rare statues of Buddha and export them to our Buddha statue gallery in the Netherlands. Hence, it is possible for us to make these statues of Buddha available for sale at reasonable price.

Buddha Statues for sale

Buddha statues we have in our gallery are purchased in authentic way directly from the concerned people, Buddhist temples, monasteries and personal collectors who are ready to part with their Buddhist art. These statues have various origin sources and vary in sizes, shapes and raw materials too. Moreover, we are glad to have the largest collection of rare and antique statues of Buddha which date back to early 19th century. These statues have served as symbol of peace, harmony, self satisfaction, meditation and worship in many temples, homes and shrines over many centuries in different parts of Asia.

Few other items which we have for sale are:

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