About Buddha Statues

Our Buddha Statues gallery in UK provides various antique as well as rare Buddha statues. We provide the largest Buddhist sculptures collection in Europe such as antique Buddha statues, Buddha images, Buddha heads in UK. Buddha statues are seen as the form of representation of teachings of Lord Buddha himself and also signify the "Enlightened One", most important idol in Buddhism. Buddha statues are commonly known as Buddharupa in Sanskrit and Pali language in Buddhism. Our Buddha statues collection in Netherlands provides all sorts of figures of Buddha, Bodhisattva, Future Buddha, Female Buddha, dhyani Buddhas, and other Buddhist figures.

History of Buddha statues

The founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama was a prince of Shakya Kingdom in Kapilvastu, in Nepal. Lord Buddha lived from around 563 B.C. to 483 B.C. During his journey for the ultimate knowledge, Lord Buddha abandoned the basic cultural concepts of god who decide the fate of all living beings and tried to find the knowledge that explained the circle of life, birth, old age, death, pain etc. Thus Buddhism is seen as the religion of Atheism.

Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment at the age of 35 under the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya. After achieving the ultimate truths, Lord Buddha spread his teachings for around 45 years. During his journey to help all the living beings, souls, that couldn’t escape the circle of life and rebirth, by leading the path to Nirvana. Thus Buddha statues are depicted for the respect of teachings of Buddha. It is believed that Buddha statues was first emerged in the first century Gandhara and Mathura in India due to huge influence of arts that was peculiar in Greek Art.

These Buddha statues are known for their important characteristics such as, elongated nose, broad shoulders, head protuberance and depiction of ushnisha at the top of the head. But these Buddha statues may varies according to different Buddhist tradition in different countries such as Burma, Tibet etc. Buddha statues in Burma may be different from tradition of Buddha statues in Tibet. While in China, Hotei is quite famous and popularly known as Happy Buddha or Laughing Buddha but one shouldn't be confused historical Buddha figures with Laughing Buddha. Laughing Buddha was the ancient Buddhist monk who was believed to be the future Buddha.

Buddhism in England

Buddhism has become one of the important religions in the whole world. Many Europeans have been following Buddhism especially Buddhism in England can be seen as the centre of the situation. Due to these, Buddhist culture in England have been considered quite importance in England. Various Buddha statues, antique as well as original Buddha statues are considered quite important due the knowledge of Buddhism in England. According to census in 2011, around 200,000 people declared themselves as the follower of Buddhism. The influence of Buddhism in England was drastic after the foundation of London's Buddhist society, the London Buddhist Vihara of Theravada Buddhism etc.

Online Buddha statues Gallery

Buddha Statues Gallery swore to provide the antique as well as original Buddha statues. Some of the famous Buddha statues are Gautama Buddha statues, Buddha garden statues, Laughing Buddha, Crowned Buddha, Buddha heads, Khmer Buddha Statues etc. These Buddha statues also vary depending upon the various Buddhist traditions such as Zen Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism, etc. Buy Buddha statues from our online gallery and follow our online gallery to be updated for various types of Buddha statues in UK, i.e. Large Buddha statues, Lavastone Buddha statues.

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