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The Buddha, the awakened one, is one of the most revered and followed spiritual as well as religious leaders in the history of mankind. Even 2500 years after his death, his teachings and principles can be seen to be followed by millions of people worldwide. Originating from India, Buddhism slowly spread all over Asia after Emperor Ashoka's traders travelled to Burma,Thailand, Tibet, China, Vietnam and many other regions. This also spread and flourished the development of Buddhist arts. One of the most revered Buddhist art is Buddha statues. Gradually, these statues started to take role as an important object to represent the Buddha in his physical form. Though there have been differences in styles of these statues depending upon the region of origin of the statues, the main theme or principles behind Buddhist statues have remained somewhat same along the course of history. The most prominent example of uniform style can be seen in the hand gestures or Mudras of the Buddha statues.

The turn of 19th century also saw the introduction of Buddhist statues and Buddhism in western world. Since then, these statues have played an important role in spreading the Buddha's teachings whose aim is to find the eternal truth of one's life and death. This may also be one of the reasons for the popularity of Buddhism as well as Buddha statues. Another reason for the popularity of the these statues is the calm and serene look of the statues. They reflect Buddha's personality and also reflect the Noble Eightfold path and the Four Noble truth on which the principles of Buddhism is based upon. Being one of the most sought after Buddhist artifacts in the whole world, people buy Buddha statues as they not only represent the Buddha's physical representations, but also the knowledge as well as teachings of the Buddha. It is natural that buying or inheriting the perfect Buddha statue is not an easy task. There have been various meaning and reasons why people buy Buddha statues. In many Buddhist nations, Buddha statues are considered as the bringer of good luck and prosperity. That is why it is a common sight to find Buddha statues to be kept at many homes, offices, restaurants and public places. Religiously speaking, Buddhism do not encourage idol worshiping, but the followers of Buddhism take the Buddha statues as the objects to pay respect to the Buddha himself. These Buddha statues have been carved and sculpted from the ancient time as they have been considered very special to many Buddhist enthusiasts. Similarly, people also buy Buddha statues as a gift to their loved ones who follow or adhere Buddhism very keenly. Even the practitioners of meditation take the Buddha statues as a symbol of inspiration for Buddha himself practiced meditation while attaining meditation under a Bodhi tree. So where can you buy Buddha statues? Is there anywhere where you can buy authentic Buddha statues?

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With the largest collection of rare and antique Buddha statues collected from Burma and many other Southeast Asian countries, Buddha statues UK is one of the top destinations to buy Buddha statues online. The team of Buddha statues UK travels to Burma and other Southeast Asian nations every six months to search for rare and antique Buddha statues from different Buddhist art dealers, Buddhist monasteries, temples and personal collectors who are willing to part with their Buddha statues. These statues are then directly imported to our Buddha statues gallery in the Netherlands. Getting the statues from those sources, you can be rest assured that the Buddha statues you buy from us are completely authentic and there remains no question regarding their originality. If you want to buy Buddha statues for you and your loved ones, feel free to visit our gallery in the Netherlands and our online Buddha statues gallery.

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