Khmer Buddha Statues

khmer buddha statues

Khmer Buddha statues are originated from Cambodia, so they are also known as Cambodian Buddha statues. Cambodia is one of the largest Buddhist nations in the world where Buddhism is currently followed in a form of Theravada Buddhism. Theravada Buddhism in Cambodia has been the state religion with estimated 95% of the total population as its followers in Cambodia. Cambodian Buddha statues are considered one of the rarest Buddhist arts in the world for their unique depiction of the awakened one and the tradition they have while developing the Buddha statues and also because many of the Buddha statues and Buddhist arts were destroyed during recent war.

The Cambodian Buddha statues and Cambodian Buddhist arts started to appear after the immediate introduction of Buddhism in Cambodia, which was first ruled by a series of Hindu Kings with an occasional Mahayana Buddhist Kings. Despite of the Hindu rule, a variety of Buddhist traditions and Buddhist arts existed peacefully throughout Cambodia under the tolerant patronage of Hindu Kings. Cambodia was the center of the Funan kingdom. The Buddhist influences seem to have originated directly from India. The Khmer Empire dominated the vast parts of the Southeast Asian region from the 9th to 13th centuries and was the patrons in the development of Khmer or Cambodian Buddha statues in the region. More than 900 Buddhist temples were built in Cambodia and in the neighboring Thailand which housed thousands of Cambodian Buddha statues under the Khmer empire. This development was centered on Angkor where a Buddhist temple and urban organization capable to support around 1 million citizens were established. Many antique and rare Cambodian Buddha statues are well preserved in Angkor but the organized looting and crime during the war have had a heavy impact on many sites all over the region.

Khmer Buddha statues are famous for their ability to express intense spirituality via beaming expressions despite of supplementary characteristics and slender lines in the Cambodian Buddha statues. Through constant evolutions in styles of the Buddha statues, the Khmer Buddha statues started to be sculpted with the originality of Khmer culture which then went beyond religious representation. By the 10th century, this originality in stylistic representation of the Buddha can be considered complete and absolute. Khmer Buddhist art and artistic styles flourished as the time went by and it can be seen in various textile weavings, non-textile weavings; lacquer Buddha statues, silverwares and ceramic Buddha statues. The best known Cambodian Buddha statues adorns the temples of Angkor which have survived for centuries which eliminated the need for replacement causing the traditional stone carving of the Buddha statues to be almost obsolete in recent times in Cambodia.

So where can you find these rare Cambodian Buddha statues in perfect conditions?

Cambodian Buddha statues in our Buddha gallery

Cambodian Buddha statues are considered one of the rare types of Buddha statues in the world. This is because of the uniqueness of the features of the Buddha statues coming from the Southeast Asian nation. With rich history and artisitic brilliance, these Buddha statues are new to the ones exploring Buddhist art because of the seclusion the country faced up until the recent times. Therefore, with much unexplored history and unexplored artifacts, Buddha statues from Cambodia or Khmer Buddha statues are taken as an important treat for the collectors of rare and antique Buddhist arts. Buddha Statues is proud to have the largest collection of rare and antique Buddha statues from Cambodia, specially the Khmer Buddha statues. We travel to Cambodia every year in search of the antique and rare Cambodian Buddha statues. These frequent visits have helped us develop wonderful relationships with many Buddhist art dealers, Buddhist temples and monasteries who want to part with their Buddhist arts. These Cambodian Buddha statues are directly imported to our Buddha gallery in the Netherlands in a complete legal and ethical way as we do not have a policy of dealing with stolen statues. If you are looking for these special Khmer and Cambodian Buddha statues, feel free to visit our gallery in the Netherlands or visit our online Buddha statues gallery.

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