Large Buddha statues

large buddha statues

Buddhism has inspired some of the world's most beautiful contributions in the artistic world. The most notable and popular for of these artistic representations are Buddha statues. These statues adorn many Buddhist temples. Buddha statues serve as the symbol if inspiration for any of us to engage us in an activity to enhance our inner qualities, to be better person from the inside so as to achieve happiness, satisfaction and good fortune in any of our lives. These statues and Buddha images have been used by the followers of Buddhism for thousands of years to represent and idolize the awakened one and to take these statues as the objects which will inspire us to show how the ultimate truth about life and death can be found within ourselves through patience, spiritual training and meditation. People from many Buddhist nations like Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka keep these Buddhist sculptures for daily inspiration to find the happiness and as a reminder of how we, in our own capacity can achieve good life. There are large varieties of Buddha statues found around the world depending upon their shapes, styles, region of origins and their sizes. The large Buddha statues are typically found free standing or individually, normally in the outdoors. These iconographic representations of the Buddha are usually sculpted to bring out and represent the Buddha's immense ability and the size of the statues are used to represent the vast knowledge he has as the awakened one.

The large Buddha statues are normally carved or sculpted using materials like stone, marble, lavastone, etc which makes them perfectly suitable to be kept outdoors as the weather conditions can hardly degrade the quality of these Buddha statues. Some of the notable Large Buddha statues in the world are, Tian Tan Buddha statue in Hong Kong, Monywa Buddhas in Burma, Ayuttha Buddha Head in Thailand, Ushiku Daibutsu in Japan, Wat Pho in Bangkok, Great Buddha of Kamakura in Japan, Golden Buddha and Leshan Giant Buddha. These large Buddha statues have served as great objects to pay respect the Buddha even if the Buddhists do not encourage idol worshipping. These large Buddha statues not only represent the Buddha in his physical form but also represent various Buddhist principles like the Eightfold path and the Four Noble truths which are represented in various characteristics depicted in these large Buddha statues. These peculiar characteristics which are common in the large Buddha statues are Mudras of Buddha statues, the ushnisha, Buddhist robes, etc.

The large Buddha statues are also used as the objects of decoration in many outdoor locations and Buddha gardens in the world. They are also considered as a symbol of inspiration for many meditation practitioners as the Buddha himself practiced meditation to attain enlightenment. So where can you find large Buddha statues?

Large Buddhas in out gallery

Large Buddha statues are taken as a very hard to find Buddhist arts as they are normally kept on display in a public area or are owned by personal collectors. These statues, as the name suggest, are very difficult to move from one place to another so they are rather taken as outdoor Buddha statues for any kind of Buddha gardens and outdoor environments. Buddha statues have been able to collect many rare and antique artistic representations of Buddhist religion like Buddha statues, Laughing Buddha statues, Prayer wheels, Miniature Buddhist temples and shrines, Buddhist monk statues and Burmese nats to name a few. These special artifacts are directly imported from various Buddhist temples, monasteries, personal collectors and Buddhist artifact dealers from Burma and other Southeast Asian nations. We travel to these regions in every few months in a year which have helped us establish wonderful relations with the above mentioned institutions and ensure that the Buddha statues which are in our Buddha gallery in the Netherlands, completely legitimate and legal. The large Buddha statues available in our gallery are made using various raw materials like stone, marble, etc. If you are looking for a large Buddha statue for your Buddha garden or for your religious as well as spiritual awakening, you are more than welcome to visit our gallery in the Netherlands or visit our online Buddha statues gallery.

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