Lavastone Buddha statues

lavastone buddha statues

Lava stone are generally used for the sculptures from Indonesia. These stones are solid stones which are considered perfect for any kind of weather conditions and locations whether it is hot or cold, wet or dry. They are versatile stones which can be painted using any kind of colors. These stones can also be polished giving them a clean and smooth feel. In humid conditions if Lava stone sculptures are left untouched they will take on a very mysterious, antique, worn look like you would see in the temple ruins of Southeast Asia.

Lavastone Buddha statues are one of the rarest and the most unique Buddhist artifacts in the world. They are carved using the stones which were formed after the volcanic lava cooled off after some time of the volcanic eruption. These masterpiece Buddhist sculptures are meticulously and delicately hand carved with chisel and mallace. The Lavastone Buddha statues are normally originated from the volcanic island of Java in Indonesia. These particular Buddha statues, inspite of the intricate details used in depicting the Buddha, are normally large in size and are large enough to be a beautiful centerpiece in any location. These unique hand sculpted Buddha statues are crafted from a dense Javan lava stone which are rare.

The proportions and details of these hand carved, solid stone statues are completely accurate and clean complimenting the Buddhist principles like Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path in them. Thus, we can say that these Lavastone Buddha statues not only represent the Buddha in his physical form but also the teachings he left behind, which are considered the foundation of Buddhism. One of the unique features of these Lavastone Buddha statues are these stones are very dense and the finished Buddha statues are filled with rich earthy tones, smooth curves and a solid core. The lava stones used in the carving of these special Buddha statues are of excellent quality and will last hundreds if not thousands of years. This is also one of the reasons behind the Indonesian Buddhist temples to use Lava stone Buddha statues as their premier statues.

Similarly, the Lava stone statues do not need much maintenance. The best procedure to maintain the statues is by simply dusting the statues periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating. TheLavastone Buddha statues will compliment any space it is placed in, be it indoors or outdoors. Therefore, it can be understood that these rare finds are used as many Garden Buddha statues in many Buddha gardens across the globe. So where can you find these rare and special Lavastone Buddha statues?

Lavastone Buddhas in our gallery

With its unique and rarely found raw materials, the Lavastone Buddha statues are considered rare pieces of artifacts from Indonesia. The Buddha statues from Indonesia are taken as rare Buddhist artifacts because of the long history of Buddhism the country had in the ancient times. The Buddhist artifacts crafted by the craftsmen of those times are certainly considered special as there are very few skilled craftsmen in our times in Indonesia. Similarly, with the change of times and history, Indonesian Lavastone Buddha statues are special and are also considered as gems of the Buddhist art collectors. Buddha Statues UK has the largest collection of rare and antique Buddha statues which are directly imported from Indonesia and other Southeast Asian nations. These statues are specifically imported after thorough research while visiting the regions every few months in a year. The frequent visits have helped us establish very wonderful relationships with many Buddhist art dealers, Buddhist temples and monasteries in Southeast Asia. If you want to purchase a Lavastone Buddha statue for you or your Buddha garden, feel free to visit our Buddha gallery in the Netherlands or visit our online Buddha statues gallery.

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